Certificate of Intercultural Studies

Normally completed in one year full-time, residential. Our certificate programme (120 credits) offers ministry experience together with foundational subjects. This Certificate programme is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority no. PC3088.

N.B. This programme is being phased out and is being replaced by the "Diploma in Intercultural Studies" (Level 5) from February 2018.

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Subject Level Credits  
ActsLevel 55 Credits
Biblical Theology of MissionsLevel 55 Credits
Children in CrisisLevel 55 Credits - Elective
Community DevelopmentLevel 55 Credits - Elective
EvangelismLevel 59 Credits
GospelsLevel 59 Credits
Interpersonal RelationshipsLevel 59 Credits
LeadershipLevel 69 Credits
The Mission of the Church in HistoryLevel 69 Credits
NT Epistles & RevelationLevel 59 Credits
Pastoral CareLevel 59 Credits
Spiritual Formation 1Level 55 Credits
Spiritual WarfareLevel 55 Credits
Teaching the BibleLevel 69 Credits
Team Ministry 1 & 2Level 510 Credits
Theology 1Level 59 Credits
World Religions 1Level 59 Credits