Biblical Interpretation MIN210

This 15 credit course aims to develop the learner knowledge and skill in relation to the various hermeneutical approaches to Scripture, including biblical exegesis and genre-sensitive interpretation The course consists of the following three components

Hermeneutics - 5 credits

A study of the principles of interpretation of the Bible. Examining the different literary genres represented in the Bible literature and their implications for exegesis and application for today.

Exegesis of Genesis 1-11 - 5 credits

An in-depth study of the first 11 chapters of Genesis with a view to understanding the background and content of the book. The contents of this section are applied to the lives of today’s Christians and cross-cultural Christian workers and their ministry.

Exegesis of Romans - 5 credits

An in depth study of Paul’s letter to the Romans, including a theological and contextual
overview, an exegetical treatment of chosen passages, and study of the major theological
themes and emphases in this New Testament epistle.