eXCeL: Intercultural Leadership Skills Development MIN270

This 20 credit course aims to provide learners with the opportunity to develop effective ministry practice for personal and spiritual development. The course consists of the following two components.

Care Group Leadership - 10 credits

For this component the learner will lead a pastoral care group and be involved in the teaching and care of the members of the group they are leading during an academic year.

Team Ministry Leadership - 10 credits

This component is a practicum and an integral part of a student’s learning and development. Each student will be assigned to a specific Ministry Team to work together with a staff trainer sharing part of the leadership of the ministry. Staff trainers and those leading the local ministries encourage, guide, connect and teach students in the practical application of theory learned in the classroom. Working in teams, and where possible in a multi-cultural context, is also emphasised.

Teams who are working with existing churches, missions and organisations are to strictly abide by the guidelines and directions of these ministries.