Planting: Establishing Christian Communities MIN260

This 20 credit course aims to introduce learners to the the process of starting and developing churches with particular focus on the cross-cultural context. The course includes a focus on theoretical models and strategies required for indigenous church planting.The course consists of two components

Cultural Anthropology - 10 credits

This component is an introduction to cultural anthropology with special emphasis on insights and tools that aid intercultural mission work. We will learn to analyze culture, from worldview to patterns of behavior, paying particular attention to those aspects which affect intercultural ministry and communication of the Christian message (e.g. leadership style, ethics, sin, shame, spiritual power). We will consider the influence of culture on our interpretation of Scripture, the communication of the Gospel, and Christian living. We will explore how to contextualize the gospel message and one's ministry in a manner that is based on both the authority of Scripture and an adequate understanding of the cultural context. We will develop an appreciation of other cultures and skills to learn from others about their context.

Church Planting - 10 credits

This component overviews the process of starting churches and their consequent maturation and growth. Particular focus is placed on the challenges of planting indigenous churches in a cross cultural context. The component provides a biblical basis for church planting and develops a biblical ecclesiology. The component will address significant theoretical issues before introducing models and strategies needed for indigenous church planting.