Christian Foundations MIN140

This 15 credit course aims to introduce the learner to core doctrines of Christian theology in the context of cross-cultural Christian ministry and examines the way in which these formulate the basis for a contemporary Christian worldview. The course consists of the following two components

Theology 1 - 10 credits

A strictly introductory study of Western Christian Systematic Theology, covering all of its well established categories including: Christian authority (revelation and the Bible); the doctrine of God; the nature of man and sin (Anthropology); the person and work of Christ (Christology); Redemption; the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology); the Church (Ecclesiology) and the last things (Eschatology). The relevance and importance of theology in the proclamation of the Christian gospel in cross-cultural settings will be examined.

The class will also equip the learner with the background needed to commence studies in non-Western Christian Theology later in the college programme.

Biblical Theology of Mission - 5 credits

This component will lead to a greater understanding of the theology behind the mission of God to the world; His concern for mankind as revealed in the Scriptures, His provision for their redemption, and His purposes for those he has redeemed and for His creation.