Intercultural and Spiritual Foundations MIN170 (20 Credits)

This course aims to equip students for cross-cultural ministry/pastoral care. This includes the study of phonetics and teaching to develop language teaching skills to facilitate cross-cultural communication and pastoral care. This course consists of the following two components:

Foundations in language Learning - 10 credits

This class is an introduction to the nature of languages and to self-directed language and culture acquisition to facilitate cross-cultural communication and pastoral care. The focus will be on how to plan a language learning programme and practice working with a native speaker of another language. The students will also study phonetics in order to recognise and produce the most common speech sounds of the world, along with an introduction to grammatical structures and meaning.

Intercultural Pastoral Care - 10 Credits

This component will explore a broad range of aspects of pastoral care within a cross-cultural context and specifically the care of Christian workers. The content reviews a broad range of topics and provides tools and insights useful in the care of others. There will be a review of the responsibilities of those involved in pastoral care both individually and within organizational structures.