Service in Mission MIN190 (20 Credits)

This course aims to introduce learners to cross-cultural Christian service and ministry in agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and churches.

  • Integrate learning in the classroom into practical situations.
  • Develop learners’ interpersonal and team building skills in a multi-cultural context.
  • Help identify and develop the learner’s spiritual gifts and understanding as to how they may fit into a ministry role in the future.
  • Train the learner to implement plans and strategies for ministry and be disciplined to see it through.

This course consists of the following four components

Care Groups & Prayer - 5 credits

The aim of this course component is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop effective ministry practice for personal and spiritual development using prayer in various settings. On completion of this component, students be will also be able to evaluate and document a prayer ministry programme based on strategies that integrate both the personal and community faith journeys. This class will develop skills for maintaining spiritual vitality and growth. The emphasis will be on the student’s personal spirituality including devotional, quiet times.

Spiritual Warfare - 5 credits

This is a study of the nature of the encounter between God and satanic powers in human experience, set against the background of biblical revelation about the spirit world. The class studies Satan's strategy to counter world evangelization and to cause Christians to be ineffective in ministry and teaches effective prayer strategies to bring God’s power into practical situations faced by those involved in Christian ministry. Attention is given to the ways in which the powers of darkness try to alienate humanity from God through deception and, ultimately, to destroy humanity.

Contemporary mission - 5 credits

One week block component giving training on current issues in cross-cultural Christian mission from a visiting lecturer.

Children in Crisis - 5 credits

One week block component giving training on Christian ministry to children in crisis in different contexts.