Study while you serve

Redcliffe College (UK) in conjunction with the University of Gloucestershire, are bringing their Leadership and Member Care Masters programmes closer to you, so start your journey in January with a study intensive, here at Eastwest College in New Zealand.

MA in Leadership in a Complex World ~ 29 January - 9 February

In a globalised, culturally diverse world, leadership is more important and more complex than ever. This course explores how to navigate those complexities, introducing key ideas needed to provide effective leadership in today’s world.
Join us in January to study ...

  • An Introduction to Global Leadership
  • Organisational Development and Cultural Change.

MA in Member Care ~ 29 January - 9 February

People are often the most valuable resource an organisation has at its disposal. But that doesn’t make them disposable. Invest in your work and provide the best possible member care for your team.

Join us in January to study...

  • The Mission Worker as a Person: Building life-skills and interpersonal skills
  • The Member Care Worker: Equipping Self and Others.

Starting the MA Programme in 2018

For those joining the programme in 2018, commence with a Study Skills Weekend for new students on 26-28 January.


  • Tuition fee for validated students (full MA) £5,500
  • Tuition fee for auditing students (per module) £600
  • Annual Fee for MA students £270
  • Study Skills weekend for new students £160

Mode of Delivery for 2018 (facilities/refreshments)

  • Residential £500
  • Non-residential £240

Find out more and apply

Visit or email [email protected]

Download the information in pdf here

Take two modules a year for two years and earn your PGDip. Continue to complete a dissertation within four years to earn your MA. Modules can be audited for no credit, up to one per year.