There is a wealth of experience within the wider church and mission communities and we want to bring high-quality input from practitioners. Block courses can change from year to year as we continually seek input that offers excellence and practical application.

Our block courses offer an opportunity for you to engage with some awesome learning and to experience community life. Some of the courses may contribute to an NZQA qualification for those fully enrolled as diploma students at Eastwest College.

Are you interested to learn biblically, connect interculturally and minister purposefully?
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Huia Come Home

Dates:  29th April – 3rd May 2024 (Mon-Fri)
Course Facilitator: Luke Goodwin BA, LLB, Grad Dip Tchng (Sec), Post-grad Dip Th.
Fees: $305 including morning tea and lunch

Huia Come Home is a one-week block course engaging with the story of Christianity in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This important block course will be delivered by Luke Goodwin, a gifted communicator and history teacher, who has been on his own journey with the subject. The course title is based on Jay Ruka’s book of the same title, which is the text for the course. This is a 5 credit block course giving insights from the influence of the Clapham sect in the formation of the treaty, through the missionaries who came, the revival among Māori, the taking of the land from tangata whenua, and up to the present day application of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

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Biblical Theology of Missions

Dates:  17th June – 21st June 2024 (Mon-Fri)
Course Facilitator: Lewis Varley, MA
Fees: $305 including morning tea and lunch

This component will lead to a greater understanding of the mission of God to the world, His concern for mankind as revealed in the Scriptures, His provision for their redemption, and His purposes for His creation and for those He has redeemed.

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Our Secular Age

Dates:  23rd-27th September, 2024
Course Facilitator: Lewis Varley, MA
Fees: $305 including morning tea and lunch

This class aims to explore the Biblical worldview and its relationship to secular humanism and related worldviews. It will survey the origins and contemporary impact of secular humanism, and Christian perspectives on this belief system. The four goals in the class are:

  • To understand the source and nature of modern worldviews (or ‘social imaginaries’)
  • To recognize the impact of these on Christian faith and mission
  • To develop new apologetical insights for those holding modern worldviews
  • To consider the role of Christians as ‘culture makers’ in the modern world

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Coaching Workshop

Dates: 3-5th December, 2024
Course Facilitator: Christine Harding
Fees: $395 including morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea

The COACH Model© is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals and develop leadership skills in the process. Incorporating the best of adult learning components with self-directed, communal, experiential learning where discussion, practice and application are maximized. Christine has over 40 years of experience in leadership, cross-cultural living and Christian ministry. She holds credentials through the International Coaching Federation.

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TESOL for Service (2025)

Date: 6th – 31st January – 2025
Course Facilitator: Dr Ryan PhD
Credits: 12 Credits (Level 5) NZQA Approved Training Course
Fees: TBC

Accommodation on application. Registrations close September 21, 2023. Limited places.

This is an intensive training course designed to teach you the necessary skills to enable you to more effectively use English teaching as a service tool. Classes cover theoretical knowledge of the English language and of teaching and learning a second language, current ESOL methodology, classroom management, lesson planning and assessment, teaching specific groups and programmes, and resources available for teaching and further professional development. The practice component includes 12 hours of observation and teaching of classmates and ESOL students.

Students who are accepted onto the course will be required to complete pre-course assignments which include readings and observation of an ESOL class in their community.

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For more information or to register for any of the above courses, please enquire by email at or call 0800 89 64 77 [or from outside New Zealand: +64 7 824 3417]


Accommodation is limited and on a first come first serve basis. The accommodation fee is $30 per person/night in addition to the course fees. Evening dinner is available Monday to Thursday only, during term time at a cost of $9 per meal. Please register early to avoid any disappointment.