Our Vision

  • It is our passion to see the Kingdom of God being established throughout the world, through the work of men and women trained and equipped to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ into every nation and culture

Our Mission

  • Provide high quality training for men and women from Aotearoa New Zealand and from around the world to equip them for cross-cultural Christian work
  • Provide a cross-cultural Christian community in which students can grow in their faith and understanding of cultures other than their own
  • Deliver high quality academically recognised and accredited courses which will both teach a Bible-based understanding of the mandate for cross-cultural Christian service and provide practical skills to enable men and women to communicate cross-culturally
  • Develop strategic partnerships with those seeking to mobilise Māori and Pasifika into cross-cultural Christian service
  • Recruit staff for Eastwest Staff who are diverse in ethnicity, agency, generation and cross-cultural ministry experience