Eastwest College operates a semester-based study programme – two semesters per year. All costs are calculated in New Zealand Dollars, and are subject to change without notice.

Note: $1500 Scholarship available for ALL 2024 (tuition paying) students (who need it). An itemised list of fees for 2024 is included.

February – December 2024 Fees

All fees listed include GST

Fees per yearTuition
Food &
Other FeesTotal
for Year
Full Time NZ Students$5,500 (4,000)*$9,343$520$15,363
Full Time International
$6,680 (5,180)*$9,343$520$16,543
Non-studying Spouses
(NZ & International Students)
Full Time Domestic Non-Residential
$5,500 (4,000)*$990$395$6,885
Annual accommodation charges for children of students
Place in family1st2nd3rd +
Under 1 year old$2,114$1,491$826
1-4 years old$2,703$2,049$1,420
5-12 years old$3,225$2,596$1,960
13+ years old$3,623$3,154$2,525

* Discounted scholarship applied fee shown in brackets

Important Notes for International Students

  • Following an admissions review, the applicant will be notified of their acceptance into the programme.
  • The applicant will then be required to pay the full fees for the programme for which they’ve been accepted, and for their accommodation. This is an immigration requirement and should the student, for any reason, not take up their place, fees will be refunded in full.
  • The Government requires each student to have either $20,000 in their bank account when they apply for the international study visa, or a third party can undertake responsibility to provide this amount in case of unexpected maintenance or costs of outward travel. The third party can be a relative, a friend, a church or an organisation etc. This amount does not have to be handed over, but must be guaranteed on the form, INZ1014, when the application is submitted.
  • A formal Offer of Place is required by Immigration NZ for issuing an international student visa. Eastwest College will only issue a formal Offer of Place upon receipt of all fees.

Transport to and from Auckland Airport


There are no direct bus or train services from Auckland Airport to the college. However, there are various shuttle companies that can take students directly to and from the campus. Companies provide baby seats and booster seats if necessary

Intercity buses

These buses travel from Auckland Airport to our nearest intercity bus stop, Taupiri, (15 minutes’ drive from the college) at a cost of about $30 per person. (There are also direct buses from the international terminal to Hamilton City Bus Station – 25 minutes away). It involves fitting in with the bus company’s timetable and being met at Taupiri by arrangement in advance with the college. This service is not available during night times.

For up-to-date schedules, visit the Intercity website:


Rainbows Gordonton Early Childhood Centre

Sessions :     Mornings : 8.45 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.     Afternoons  : 12.45 p.m. – 3.45 p.m.

Fees :

Babies from 6 months to toddlers up to 2 years :

$5.15 per hour

3-4 year olds :

20 sessions at the Government-subsidised rate of $1 per hour up to a maximum of 6 hours per day. The balance of each session is charged at $5.15 per hour

Other Fees

  • $40 Application fee/person
  • $125 Flat Cleaning and Key Bond (also applicable to non-studying partners) (Refundable)
  • $100 Resource Fee per year
  • $35 Public Trust Registration Fee per year
  • $20 Student ID Card per year
  • $100 per semester for internet with unlimited data.

Note: These fees are subject to change without notice.

Additional Notes on Fees

Residential students’ fees cover meals and accommodation during the semester (except Friday evening meals and weekend food). They do not cover language lessons, text books, writing materials, telephone bills, personal items, ministry expenses or travel costs on ministry and ‘short-term field experience’ (STFE) practicums.

Student fees only cover the weeks of each semester and mid-term holidays. Students will require additional funds to cover holiday expenses occurring between semesters or be prepared to make alternative arrangements.

Students must have their fees in hand at the commencement of each semester unless arrangements have been made with the financial administrator (Lynda Ballard). Fees should be paid at the office or transferred via internet banking.

All students’ fees are payable on the first day of the semester. Students who have not paid their full fees by the due date are required to set up an automatic payment for that semester to cover the outstanding amount.

International students’ fees are payable on acceptance of enrollment.

Students will not be permitted to commence a new semester unless all previous semesters’ fees are paid.

Student Allowances & Loans

Student allowances and loans are approved by StudyLink to those students who meet New Zealand government criteria. Student allowances are only available to New Zealand residential students who have had residency status for at least two years.

For students who think they may be eligible for a student allowance or loan, the freephone number is 0800 88 99 00 from within New Zealand. Students are not permitted to access the student loan scheme for course-related costs for any overseas short-term college ministry.

Cross Credits

Students may apply for cross credits in recognition of prior learning at the beginning of their studies (appropriate documentation is required). Generally a maximum of 20 credits can be cross credited for students studying the Diploma of Intercultural Studies programmes. A fee is involved in this process, please contact us for more information.

Fee Protection

Student fees and accommodation payments are protected in an independent trust account operated by the New Zealand Public Trust. Student fees are lodged with Public Trust and paid to the college monthly according to an agreed payment schedule signed at enrolment. All monies held in the Fee Protect Trust are NZ government guaranteed.

Fee Refunds

The process for a fee refund will commence immediately upon receipt of a student’s application for withdrawal. The process will be completed within 60 days.

Payment will be made directly to the student, or to an alternate provider nominated by the student in writing.

  • Withdrawals within ten working days of course commencement (in accordance with Education (Refund Requirements for International Students) Notice 2012): tuition fees will be refunded in full, less pro rata accommodation charges and disbursements incurred.
  • If a student withdraws after ten working days and within 40 calendar days of course commencement, the refund will consist of the unexpired portion of fees paid (calculated as the number of whole weeks until the end of the semester as a percentage of the total weeks within that semester) less an administrative fee of $500.
  • Students who withdraw after 40 calendar days from the commencement of the semester will not receive any refund of fees for that semester.
  • All semesters paid for but not commenced will be refunded in full.

Budget Advice

Students need to budget very carefully whilst studying. A typical budget would cover:

  • College Fees
  • Rainbows Early Childhood fees for pre-school children (NZ Students)
  • Text books: Most texts are available in the Library so purchase is unnecessary, but if you purchase your own texts it can cost up to $100 per semester
  • Optionally, WEC New Zealand is able to facilitate students to experience a cross-cultural practicum. The costs involved vary according to the placement (New Zealand or further afield). This is not a required component of the course but if you are interested, please contact the WEC Trek Office on treks@wecnz.org for further details. Alternatively students can arrange their own practicuum with guidance from college or WEC staff.
  • Personal costs – stationery, toiletries, telephone calls/rental, internet, small items of clothing etc. – $50+ per adult per week
  • See below for accommodation costs for staying on campus during semester breaks
  • Food costs during semester breaks: $150 – $200 per week per family
  • Semester break student accommodation charges

Accommodation Charges During Semester Breaks

  • $110 per adult per week
  • $190 per family unit per week
  • Students remaining on campus during semester breaks are required to provide one half day’s work per week per week per adult in respect to community sharing of responsibility.

Additional Costs for International Students

  • Air fares
  • Car purchase (optional): An example would be $3,000 for a 10 year old car
  • Annual car registration and insurance: $1,200 + per year
  • Petrol costs
  • Holiday accommodation. Motel costs of sightseeing: $100+ per night
  • Fees for school-age children (approximately $7,000 per year for primary tuition and approximately $10,000 per year for secondary school tuition)
  • After two years of study, the New Zealand Government requires a Medical examination and x-ray (approximate cost: $380)

Important notice: The NZ Immigration Service requires all international students and their families to have full medical and surgical insurance cover. Proof is required at the time of enrolment. Please see the document called ‘Pastoral Care of Intenational Students’.


Textbooks are usually available in the library and placed on reserve during each class. If the student wants to purchase their own textbooks, either in e-book or bound versions then it can cost up to $200 per semester.

What to Bring

As you begin your studies and become part of the Eastwest College family, here are some details that you will find helpful.

Our purpose-built units are fully furnished with lounge, dining and bedroom furniture as well as plates and dishes, cutlery and usual kitchen utensils. For all international students, we also provide your bedding, pillows, towels and face cloths.

For your arrival at the college, as a residential student we ask you to bring the following items:

  • Your clothes and personal requirements, toiletries and any medicines
  • A laptop if you have one. There is a small computer suite with good broadband access in the library for students to use. Personal printing can be done in the library with a “per sheet” charge.
  • Each student is required to do one half day’s practical work each week e.g. gardening, helping with the building programme, painting etc. You will need some old clothes to use during this time. If you don’t have room in your luggage to bring any with you, there are plenty of cheap or second-hand clothes shops in Hamilton, our nearest shopping centre (about 20 minutes drive away).

Unlimited internet access is available through the college WiFi.

If you have any queries, or are not sure about whether additional items can be brought to the college, please do not hesitate to contact the college on office@eastwest.ac.nz.


There is a charge of $30 per adult per night up to $180 per week, and $15 per child (under 12 yrs) per night up to $ 90 per week. This does not cover meal costs which are as follows:
$6 per lunch
$11 per evening meal

N.B. Children under 12 are charged at half price

All requests or bookings shall be recorded in the guest accommodation book.
All guests and their facilities are the responsibility of the student concerned.